Special Equipment

To provide a good quality service, we use Special Equipment to ensure that Quality go well with the performance of production. We make use of the following Equipment:

- an Electronic diagnostic:

  • PDL 2000 Scanner

  • Ross-Tech

  • Launch

  • G-Scan

  • Autoboss

  • Star diagnostics

  • Vibration diagnostics

- State of the art propshaft balance machine

- Valve body tester, products we use on the Valve body tester

  • Sonnax Transmission

  • Transgo

- Soak baths for aluminum and parts washers

- Tig welder for aluminum welding

- 4 Laths

- Milling machine

- Industrial drilling machine

- CO2 and ARC welding machines

- Special engineering for Automotive

  • Extension housing

  • Rebushing

  • Milling

  • Turning

- Torque converter machines​

  • Recon torque converter 

  • Balancing of torque converter

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  • Service exchange units for all types of vehicles.
  • Parts for automatic gearboxes, manual gearboxes, lubrications, sideshaft parts, differential parts,  and propshafts parts.
  • ​Land size 4000m2 
  • Under roof 2000m2
  • 10 Car bays
  • 6 Truck bays
  • 12 Lifts
  • Under roof and car wash bays
The staff at Vryheid Gearbox Centre cc are skilled and fully trained in all aspects of repairs to gearboxes, transmissions, welding, propshafts, diffs, trans axles, fitting and turning.
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Our personnel likewise, have given their commitment and co-operation with the Maintenance and Effectiveness of our Quality Management System through means of Communication within the Organisation.